Machines in a room talking to each other about sandwiches. Over time, they collectively develop their language to describe more complex relationships to these sandwiches.


Two people on distant reaches of the Earth from one another can listen to the same album at the same time, rhythms marching as one (with slight latency).

City Palette

Mobile app that allows users to take dominant colors from a photo to name and publish them for nearby users to check out: "...interpreting locations through color collections. So many cities are unique in their color spectrums: from the tropical hues of Miami Beach to the stately grays of London, colors are an important way to interpret where we are. City Palette was first designed for use in New Orleans, Louisiana, a historically colorful city in the midst of many changes."

You Belong Here

Mobile app that tracks stories of belonging (in New Orleans) via photos and videos hosted on Instagram and mapped out. Its release was Kicked off with videos from Speed Levitch and a barge on the Mississippi River that read "You Belong Here".