Taylor Snead

Available July – December 2019
Boston, MA 02130[email protected]Cell: 504-442-0219loafofpiecrust.comGitHub: loafofpiecrust


Northeastern University – Boston, MA
Candidate for Bachelor of Science
in Computer Science
GPA: 3.4
Graduation: 2021

Honors: University Scholar (top 1% of incoming class)
Relevant Coursework:
Software DevelopmentAlgorithms & DataProgramming LanguagesComputer SystemsTheory of ComputationEmbedded DesignObject-Oriented DesignLinear AlgebraMachine Structure & x86 AssemblyBiostatisticsLinguistic AnalysisPhysics 1 & 2


Technical Proficiencies

Kotlin, Rust, Swift, C/C++, Java, C#, JS, x86 Assembly, LaTeX, HTML/CSS, React, Node.js, Linux, Git, OpenGL, MongoDB, AWS, Firebase, Adobe suite, Splunk

Linguistics, Global Travel, Sewing, Playing Accordion, Baking, Woodworking
Volunteer weekly at Boston Building Resources.

Personal Projects

Turntable (Android, Kotlin)

Mobile music player allowing users across the Earth from each other to listen to an album or playlist together. Facilitates discovery by allowing users to search several music databases in one place. Handles local files and includes free music streaming. Uses Firebase for queued messaging and playlist storage.

Lovebug (In Progress, Rust)
"I was just another virus... until I met you."

Benign virus that interacts with users through the OS UI and exhibits complex romantic feelings, which may or may not be reciprocated.

Work Experience

Software DeveloperJuly '18 – Present
Autodesk – Boston, MA

Build cloud content browser for Autodesk Revit in React and Typescript, on team of six. Devise solution for representing content taxonomy with node graph. Collaborate with UX designer on responsive UI. Cooperate with another team on shared data management library. Presented at quarterly company check-in and customer demo representing my team.

iOS DeveloperJan '18 – Present
Roundware – Boston, MA

Architect client-side audio mixing system to decrease server load by >90% and facilitate more complex projects. Augment audio experiences in 3D environments using device location and gyroscope.

Laser TechnicianJan '18 – May '18
Northeastern University – Boston, MA

Operated Makerspace laser cutters and assisted students with fabrication projects in various mediums including paper, wood, and acrylic.

City PaletteOct '17 – Jan '18
Chloe Bass & Antenna – New Orleans, LA

Implemented mobile app allowing users to name and publish dominant colors from photos, geotagged to where the photo was taken. Developed natively for iOS (Swift) and Android (Kotlin, JVM), storing published colors in a MongoDB instance.

Software DeveloperJan '15 – Aug '15
Gameloft – New Orleans, LA

Implemented and tested user interfaces in C++ and Scaleform for a mobile game. Learned foundational AGILE methodology on eight person team. Updated team to C++11 standards for increased efficiency.

You Belong HereSept '14 – Feb '15
T. Strachan & Antenna – New Orleans, LA

Developed mobile app in JavaScript mapping stories of belonging through user photos and videos. Integrated with Instagram and Google Places APIs.

References Available Upon Request