Taylor Snead

Available July – December 2020
Boston, MA 02130[email protected]Cell: 504-442-0219loafofpiecrust.comGitHub: loafofpiecrust


Northeastern University – Boston, MA
Candidate for Bachelor of Science
in Computer Science
Minor in Linguistics
GPA: 3.4
Graduation: 2021

Honors: University Scholar (top 1% of incoming class)
Relevant Coursework:
Linguistic Analysis (on Tibetan)Linguistics Research Seminar (on Cherokee)Natural Language ProcessingSyntaxProgramming LanguagesAlgorithms & DataEmbedded DesignLinear AlgebraTheory of ComputationBiostatisticsComputer Systems3D Fundamentals


Technical Proficiencies

Linguistic Annotation, LaTeX, Rust, Swift, C++, Python, Go, Kotlin, JS, HTML/CSS, React, Node.js, Linux, Git, Terraform, MongoDB, AWS, Firebase, Emacs


Baking, Mandarin, Biking, Accordion, Woodworking, Travel, Sewing

Personal Projects

Sandwich (In Progress)

A group of machines develop a language for them to communicate about sandwiches with each other. An exploration of language variation over space and time, informed by linguistic study.

Turntable (Android, Kotlin)

Mobile music player allowing users across the Earth from each other to listen to an album or playlist together. Facilitates discovery by allowing users to search several music databases in one place.

Work Experience

Software EngineerJuly '19 – December '19PlacePass – Boston, MA

Rebuild search results pages in React. Use terraform to provision cloud infrastructure for backend services. Improve product search with GraphQL in Go. Improve Tensorflow models for product categorization.

Software EngineerJuly '18 – April '19Autodesk – Boston, MA

Build cloud content browser for Autodesk Revit in React and Typescript. Devise solution for representing content taxonomy with node graph. Collaborate with UX designer on responsive UI. Presented at quarterly company check-in representing my team.

iOS DeveloperJan '18 – Nov '19Roundware – Boston, MA

Mobile app where users share their stories by voice, so that others walking around in the same space hear voices of past visitors, literally walking in their footsteps. Rebuild the iOS framework to facilitate complex projects with decreased latency.

Laser TechnicianJan '18 – May '18Northeastern University – Boston, MA

Operated Makerspace laser cutters and assisted students with fabrication projects in various mediums including paper, wood, and acrylic.

City PaletteOct '17 – Jan '18Chloe Bass & Antenna – New Orleans, LA

Implemented mobile app allowing users to name and publish dominant colors from a photo, associating a color with that location. Developed natively for iOS and Android, storing published colors in MongoDB.

You Belong HereSept '14 – Feb '15T. Strachan & Antenna – New Orleans, LA

Developed mobile app in JavaScript mapping stories of belonging through user photos and videos. Integrated with Instagram and Google Places APIs.

References Available Upon Request