Taylor Snead

You know that feeling when you eat a slice of pie?
That feeling that maybe there’s going to be delight at the end of the next bite?
That maybe you should just eat the crust by itself instead?

I am a software developer and university student residing in Boston, MA, USA. I spend most of my waking time building stuff and occasionally thinking up wild thoughts. Professionally, I’ve worked on various freelance projects for artists and art organizations. If you’d be interested in hiring me for a project, check out my resume or LinkedIn or GitHub.

I want to find meaning in producing software that, rather than simply increasing laziness and ignorance, expressedly looks for new avenues of experience.

In my free time, I enjoy cooking and baking and crafting things from wood and fabric. I’m constantly traveling. Sometimes, I even like to write.

Language Proficiencies






HometownNew Orleans, LA
ReligionChurch of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
Snack Food包子
Pie FlavorRicotta (if you happen to be in New Orleans, eat at my family’s bakery)
DiplomacyPolish Empire